Do You Want a Personal Stylist?

Hi Friends!

I recently signed up for Wantable and I am loving the service! If you aren’t familiar with Wantable it is basically like having your own personal stylist at your finger tips!

Step 1

Take the personal style quiz here.

Step 2

If there are certain pieces you are interested in thing – request those items!

Step 3

Package delivered to you DOOR with 7 items for you to try! Whatever you don’t like – send it back with a prepaid return label! Whatever you love – keep! The more items you keep the cheaper the items are (keep 5 items get 20% off!)

As a mama of two, I love this idea to be able to have a personal stylist send me things that I would potentially love based on my style quiz! I don’t know about you all, but when I online shop I tend to go OVER BOARD and buy every color in the same item (lol!), so I love that the stylists send different items!

Wantable is offering 50% off styling fee right now! Let me know in the comments below or Instagram if there are any “straight to door” services you love! I’d love to check them out!

This is a sponsored post from Wantable x The Newsette

Xx, Jennifer

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