Traveling to NYFW 2019 x Samsonite

*This post is sponsored by Samsonite*   samsonite fortifi spinner luggage

I just got back from my very first New York Fashion Week (aka NYFW) and my Samsonite essentials made traveling so much easier! The Forti luggage 28″ spinner was aesthetically beautiful and very lightweight, which helped because I was able to add more outfits – a lady can never have too many outfits. amiright?! I also loved that the TSA approved locks to ensure extra security for the personal belongings in my luggage. TIP: add 1-2 empty shopping totes in your luggage so that if you decide to buy any souvenirs or do some extra shopping you can just use one of your totes as a carry on for the plane ride home to avoid stress about luggage space.

clear 3 piece travel accessory  

This is my FIRST time owning clear travel bags and let me tell ya something… IT IS A GAME CHANGER! This 3 piece clear accessory pack was just what I needed to stay organized. The clear packs come in 3 different sizes. I used the largest one for all of my makeup products. The medium size one for my haircare products. I brought the smallest one on the plane with me in my purse. The smallest clear bag had important things that I need to have on me at all times – medicication, Tylenol, eye dropss, hand sanitizer, lip care items, and ear plugs (very much needed for a red eye travel flight).

Being able to see all of the things I would need during flight helped relieved some anxiety because I didn’t have to rummage though my belongings. It’s the little things that help me cope with my travel anxiety that makes all the difference in the world.

samsonite travel garment sleeve bagsamsonite travel garment sleeve bag

This travel garment sleeve came in handy (I honestly wasn’t sure if I would need it), but in between events I had to change and get ready for the next meeting so I was able to protect my belongings and bring this garment bag along for photoshoots instead of having to travel from one destination to the next with clothes loosely hanging. TIP: When you have a day planned that requires traveling, use a garment sleeve to store one outfit. Having your clothes ready makes it easy to change as soon as you land or get to your hotel. You are able to change immediately without having to fully unpack.

samsonite portable phone charger

If I HAD to pick one thing to bring with me to NYFW then this portable phone charger would be hands down the one thing I would take. Being a blogger means that I am continously use my phone. My phone is used to capture images, edit photos, draft Instagram posts and respond to emails on the go. Having a portable phone charger that was lightweight, powerful, and sleek was so useful! It allowed me to work the entire time and I never had to worry about running out of batter juice. Not sure why I waited so long to invest in a portable charger. So glad I brought this with me because it relieved SO much stress and anxiety for me. Must have for traveling.

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  1. Brianna
    September 27, 2019 / 9:35 pm

    I’m will definitely try to remember to bring those extra totes on my next trip lol the clear bags though!!… That’s what I need!! All the ones I have are not clear so I am always scrambling through mines trying to find my products. And then next thing ya know, my luggage is just a mess. Thanks for the tips!!

    • Pieces of Emerald
      September 27, 2019 / 9:39 pm

      Yay!!! So glad you found this post useful! it’s the LITTLE things that really make all the difference! This is my first clear bag and I seriously will not go back! Being able to see everything relieved so much stress!