Tips For Family Vacations

Travel season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start planning that family vacation! Trips with the whole family can be stressful, but I’m here to share some tips to make everything go smoother!


Let’s talk about packing. Making sure the house is together, you and the kids are packed, all while keeping up with regular daily tasks can be a lot to handle! I like to give the kids a couple of tasks to help out with. I tend to create a list of things that they need to pack and have them clean up their rooms. These tasks usually take a bit of time for them to finish, and I always double-check their suitcases, but it makes the pre-family vacation chores go much quicker!

Travel Entertainment

Whether we are driving or flying, entertainment is key! For both the kids and myself I make sure to pack a book, some headphones, and download a couple of movies and podcasts. For the kids, I also pack colored pencils and coloring books, games, and some snacks. The travel time can be boring and tedious, but having entertainment really makes the time fly!

Trip Itinerary

Lastly, I like to have some activities planned for the vacation. Spending a day at the aquarium, going to an interactive museum, hiking, or swimming at the beach. Planning a few of the days out in advance allows you to get the most out of your time! Even if you are going on a relaxed trip to the beach, having a little bit of daily structure can make it more enjoyable.


Family vacations usually only happen once a year, so I always try to make the most out of it! Creating a relaxed and fun environment can be difficult. But I have found that making a list and having a plan can really make it so everyone has a good time! Share in the comments some of your tips for family vacations and where your favorite place to go is!

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