Raising Strong Daughters

It is difficult raising a daughter in a world where social media pushes an unrealistic image of how women should look and act. I want her to know her beauty and worth, and know that she can be whoever she wants! Here are a couple of ways that I try to raise my daughter to be strong in who she is.

Being a role model is key. As a parent, I try my best to show my kids how to treat others and how to act when I have been treated poorly. But more specifically, I try to teach my daughter how to be an independent woman in a world run by men. I’m a hard worker who provides for my family and I try to model that. But I also know when I need some me-time and hope that she will see that there is no shame in taking care of yourself.

Teaching my daughter to grow her own opinions and to listen to others’ opinions is also super important! I want her to know how to voice her thoughts in a respectful way. As well as respecting the voices around her. I always listen to her and make sure she knows that her time is valuable. And if she is unsure about a situation, I am always there to help her through it.

I also know the struggles of feeling confident in myself. I always want her to know that she is beautiful and that she is smart. And she should never feel the need to change for anyone. By pointing out when she aces her homework or creates some beautiful art I hope to build her confidence.

Parenting is no small job. And I believe in supporting each other so that we can all do our best to raise strong independent women for the future. Drop in the comments how you are raising strong daughters!


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