Promises to my Children

Hi mamas!

I am so excited to announce that I am partnering with JOHNSON’S®!

My family has used JOHNSON’S baby lotion and bath wash for generations. My parents used it on me and my five sisters, I’ve watched my nieces and nephew grow with JOHNSON’S, now as a mother I have trusted JOHNSON’S products and use them with both of my children. I am so proud of this partnership with JOHNSON’S to celebrate their new and improved products!!

JOHNSON’S has reformulated their products only using purposeful ingredientsand were able to reduce their ingredients by 50%, paraben free, phthalates free, sulfate free and it gets better – free of dye! Yes, I said that! No more dyes! I personally don’t care about the color of my children’s bath wash and shampoo as long as I am using the most naturally derived products that works, but I really appreciate that JOHNSON’S listened to so many parents who did not want dyes in their products.

Along with the exciting changes to their products, JOHNSON’S is also making 5 promises to parents like you and me in an effort to always #ChooseGentle

1.) Only use purposeful ingredients

2.) Never stop raising the bar

3.) Be open and honest

4.) Think like a parent first

5.) Make the world a gentler place

 As a young mom I work extra hard to give my children all the love and positivity that I can radiate. My children are my whole heart and my promise to them and the world is to raise kind, happy, confident, and ambitious children. These are my ingredients to raising the best tiny human beings and JOHNSON’S new and improved products and the five promises that they’ve made to parents support my motherhood journey.

JOHNSON’S promise to think like a parent first is beyond amazing because they are parents so we all share this parenthood bond. We are all different in this world, but we all share this parenthood trust and connect on a deeper level. At the end of each day we want what is best for our little loves and I love that parents are being heard and their voices matter, and guess what? JOHNSON’S is listening! As a mama this makes me so happy to know that I have a voice. To me, my voice may sound so small and at times I am uncertain if anyone will hear me, but JOHNSON’S has reassured me that they heard my roar – I guess that tiny voice of mine isn’t so tiny after all.

JOHNSON’S heard me, they heard you, they heard all of us as a parenthood community and they made the changes that we all want for our children (and ourselves). We want bath time to be easier and more ergonomic which is why they reshaped their products, inside and out,I can’t wait to show you these new products in the coming months!

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