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Dear Diary,

Mom shaming – Let’s talk about it!

Anaprashana – Organic vs. Non-Organic Food

Last weekend was my nieces’ eating ceremony, Anaprashana. An Anaprashana is (in short) means food feeding, and that’s exactly what she did. She took her first bite of solids during this ceremony in front of friends and family. I wanted to gift her some food-related things instead of buying her a toy because umm that seems fitting haha – what else would I buy? Anyways! I was at Target in the baby food aisle and I picked up two boxes of baby crackers by the same brand. One box was organic and one box was not organic. I kept going back and forth on which I should buy, the non-organic was $1.99 and the organic was $2.99. I spent a good 10-15 minutes thinking about organic or non-organic with every item I picked up. Although I knew that my sister would have been happy and thankful for anything, it was my own head that was getting to me.

Mom Shame Haunting Me

I know what you’re thinking… Jennifer, it’s only freaking one dollar difference, get organic. I totally get it! but it isn’t just a dollar difference after purchasing 10 different types of snacks for her to try. It just brought me back when I used to buy these baby foods for my children and I hung out with friends who only fed their children organic food. I wanted to fit in. As silly as that may sound because I’m a freaking adult, but it’s true. I wanted to fit in with the other moms and I didn’t want to be mom-shamed for not feeding my children organic foods. I already felt bad enough for not making their food from fresh vegetables.

How Do I Do it All? Being a Mom Is Hard Enough

How could I do it all? How could I work a full-time job, go to school, take care of my children and make the time to puree’ organic food? It is SO much damn pressure from the mom community to do it all and be organic with our foods, our sunscreen and whatever else. STOP mom shaming me, stop giving me weird looks, and stop making me feel pressured that I have to explain myself. I am doing the BEST that I can for MY children.

Have you ever been mom-shamed


There you have it – a Piece of ME. xoxo

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