Coffee Talk Q&A: How to Start a Blog

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Where do I even start on how to start a blog?

This question is pretty broad. I say this because there are SO many aspects to starting a blog such as figuring out your niche, what plaform you want to succeed in? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and/or Blogging. If you want to do fashion, do you have enough saved to get you started with buying the latest trends? Or are you going to shwocase the items you currently own? When I first started I had NO idea how much it would cost to buy clothes weekly – I wanted to run from my credit card statement.

Research blog themes you like, research colors that speak to you – although these things are “minor” when just gettng started it is still very important. Some people may say just start a blog and fix it later, but that wasn’t how my brain worked. I wanted it to be the way I visioned and would add on as my style changed. Lastly, use your FREE RESOURCES! Joing facebook groups, google, meet with local bloggers and exhange ideas and ways to help eachother.

How do you feel about giveaways?

If you’re following me on Instagram then I am sure you have seen giveaways on my feed. I think giveaways are totally fine, BUT be sure to find other bloggers that have a similar feed/niche as yours. There is no point in doing an international giveaway when those followers 100% wont engage, probably don’t speak the same langauge as you do, and are usually only entering the giveaway for the prize. With collaborating with other bloggers to do giveaways then at least you have chance that a hand full of the followers will end up sticking around and engaging and may fall in love with your account. When I think of giveaways I try not to think about in terms of “gaining followers” but more of trying to get my account in front of new followers.

I would love to receive products to enhance my focus

If you want to receive products then REACH OUT to brands. Trust me, you will get alot of nos but you will get a few yes that makes it worth the previous rejections. Also, if you really want to enhance your focus you can start by purchasing the products yourself and sharing with your audience that you truly do love it (with/without it be it being #sponsored) and then maybe the brand will notice the tagging and BOOM relationship starts!

What to do when blogging?

BLOG and not just do social media (if you own a blog) because the blog is the 0nly thing you own.

CONNECT with other bloggers, especially local bloggers. Local bloggers have LOCAL followers and local people are more than likely going to be faithful and loyal followers that will show up when you need them to.

BE OPEN TO CHANGE ask your audience for advice, take polls. You may be thinking that you are doing some amazing stuff on your platform and you probably are, but is your audience interested? Serve your audience. I take polls often and try to implement changes that are possible and realistic for me. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my audience, I serve them the best way that I can. While keeping in mind that you can not please everyone. You will get the lovers and the haters, serve those who are supporting you!

What not to do when blogging?

NEVER think that you are better than someone because your follow count is higher. Let me tell you, follower count means nothing if you aren’t utilizing your platform with a purpose. I know girls who have way more followers than but my tiny blog is thriving.

How do you motivate yourself to write up/create blog posts

I have high and lows. There are months where I am ON IT! and there are months where it’s a shit show and I am barely posting on time to making a deadline. The key to staying motivated is to always jot things down. If you’re out and about then jot down key words in your notes on your phone. That way when you go to sit down and write all of the ideas can just free flow.

How many blog posts should I aim for in a week?

This honestly all depends on YOU and how much time you have to create quality content. The more you write the better! If you can write 7 days of the week then holy hell, DO IT! the more quality content you put out there then the more chances you have to pop up on google and other search engines.

What do you believe you owe most of your growth to?

Hmm… If I had to pick one, it’s probably going to be connecting with local bloggers. Local bloggers opened up doors to being invited to local events, the opportunity to connect with other women who are in the same community. If you don’t have any local bloggers in your town, then find a few bloggers who have the same niche as you, if you’re a mom then maybe find other mamas to connect with. Really read their captions and engage, that way when you slide into their DMs its not awkward.

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