Pajama Holiday Party for Three

There is something about the cold mornings, the faux fur coats, and the smell of peppermint mochas that just screams out winter! The cold mornings are a favorite of mine because Ryland and Rori sneaks into to our bedroom and nuzzle right under my neck and deep into my chest. Those few minutes snugged in our bed warms my heart. The holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year in our home.

5 things we do in our home to prepare the kids for the holidays (# 4 is so special to me):

1.) Read holiday books before bed. They get so excited when Santa sleighs appears on a page.

2.) Play Christmas music. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town are hits in our home!

3.) Purchase an advent calendar. I like to buy the chocolate advent calendar, a sweet treat after dinner while getting excited for the Christmas countdown!

4.) Let them choose one ornament. I do this for a few reasons: it allows them to be apart of decorating, they get so excited when they get to hang and show off their ornament to friends and family, and lastly, the ornament they choose represents their personality and interest for that year. Ryland is an all American boy, he is into his nerf guns, army action figures, and of course, super heros- he chose a Captain America ornament. Rori is into tutus, pretty pink tights, all things that sparkles, mamas lipsticks(ha!), and dancing! She chose a ballerina mouse ornament. These small symbols are so meaningful to us because it really shows their character, personality and growth each year.

5. Write letters to Santa! Have the kids write letters to Santa, just give them a card and some markers and watch them scribble away! When they are done you will see the excitement and joy in the letters and they’ll have a story to tell for each mark on the paper. The little stories are the cutest. Ryland drew a bunch of ghostbusters (he wants a ghostbuster lego set) and Rori drew a few babies in a bath tub (She is so nurturing, loving, and really does take care of her stuffed animals.)

I hope that you find these 5 tips to prepare your littles for the holidays useful. The holidays in our home is filled with so much love and laughter and I wish that for all of you guys!

Photos taken by Lizzie Cannnon

How fun are these matching Mickey Mouse Holiday Pajamas?!?
I am wearing an XS. Get it here
Ryland is wearing a size 5. Get it here
Rori is a wearing a 2T. Get it here

Such a beautiful mess! These were only $5 for a pack of 4! Get them here

Mickey Mouse Pajamas // Dog Bandanna // Stockings // North Pole mailbox to Santa // Confetti poppers // 5 piece coverlet // Tufted headboard

Happy Holidays!



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