New Year’s Eve Night Out

satin slip dress for new years evechampagne slip dress for new years eve

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New Year’s Eve is in 25 days. WOW! If you’re going out for the night here are some ideas for you to rock into the New Year! I am sucker for all things sequin, faux fur, and slip satin dresses. I love feeling sexy and my absolute best on this crisp New Year night. There is something about the glitter and glam that just let’s everyone know that it is going to be a good time! Champagne bottles pop, the countdown begins and that midnight kiss – nothing is better! You may be that person that is typically conservative, but New Year’s Eve gives you that excuse to rock the looks you only dream of! BE BOLD and wear the hell out of the low cut, feather ruffling, neck breaking dress! Girl, own that dress and be confident going into 2020!

It’s been a little while since I hit the town on NYE, but this 2020 has alot of changes for me – in my personal life and my professional world. This New Year’s Eve I want to get all dolled up and embrace the changes that are happening. One day, I hope to be in a comfortable where I can share my changes, but right now I am not ready. I can’t predict the future, but I have a feeling 2020 is going to be magical!

New Year’s Eve Night Out

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