New Postpartum Depression Treatment – Zulresso

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Hey mama! Can you believe that the new Postpartum Depression (PPD) treatment, Zulresso, is $34,000? Is there more that needs to be done about PPD?

I remember being pregnant spending all my time thinking about the baby. What I would bring to the hospital or how I would decorate the baby’s room. Why did no one tell me about the darkness that comes with Postpartum Depression?

Truth Behind Postpartum Depression

The darkness of Postpartum Depression hit me after having Rori. I would have panic attacks so bad that I could barely breathe. As I looked through Facebook and Instagram, I saw other new moms looking so peaceful as I suffered through my PPD in silence. I was so embarrassed and ashamed about my PPD because I thought I was the only one going through it. I was afraid that if I told others how I felt, they would view me as a failure.  For months I hid my PPD from my partner, friends, and family, thinking it would go away on its own.

Since I had the same OBGYN with both Ryland and Rori, he knew something wasn’t right. He prescribed me on drugs to help, but I secretly took them for weeks because I was embarrassed. How sad and heartbreaking is that? I felt so lonely even when I had so much support everywhere I turned. I wanted to start off by sharing my PPD story because it’s often something moms avoid talking about.

If you have PPD, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed because a lot of women suffer in silence and that is not okay. Always take time for yourself, even something as simple as going out for a walk or coffee with your friends or partner.

If you are looking for ways to get help, check out these 7 tips for battling Postpartum Depression.

Does more need to be done about PPD?

This brings me to my next thought, Zulresso is the first drug for PPD, but how are moms going to benefit from it with a shocking price of $34000! How can moms be able to afford this when they just had a baby? Hospital and medical expenses alone are through the roof! Don’t even get me started on newborn costs – diapers, formulas, car seats, they all add up! What if a mom has severe PPD and really can’t afford this new drug Zulresso? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing that we finally have a drug that helps with PPD. Especially since Zulresso works within 48 hours, great for those with severe or life-threatening cases and can’t wait for antidepressants, but it will take more than a $34,000 drug to help.

Maybe having this new drug will get more people to realize that PPD is normal and moms are not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE NORMAL. YOU DESERVE THE SUPPORT AND YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL EMBARRASSED OR ASHAMED, like me. After all, a new drug was specifically created for PPD, which should tell you that a lot of moms suffer and you may not even know about it.

Now let’s here about your thoughts on Zulresso. Would you pay $34,000 or do you think something else needs to be done?

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