Must Have Car Items For Moms

Hi mama friends!

I am sharing some of my favorite and must have car items for cruising with toddlers! During traffic time or road trips, car rides can give me so much anxiety because the kids get antsy and want to get out of the car to move around. I used to dread car rides, so I found ways to make my car riding experience just a tad bit easier. I also listed some items that I just always have in my car to make feel prepared and safe!

Car seat

I have always been a fan of Britax products when it comes to safety. The car seats are easy to install, and have a patent ClickTight harnessed safety installation.

If you’re on the market for a new car seat, Target is having a sale: spend $250 & save $50 and spend $350 save $100 on baby gear (offer expires 04/14/2018)

Prepare for an accident

When I was pregnant with Ryland I was so afraid of getting into an accident and being stuck or having an attacker approach me while entering/exiting my car (I can be quite paranoid). I bought this tool that gave me a little peace of mind – that’s all I can ask for these days. This tool can shatter your car glass window to allow you to escape if trapped, can cut your seat belt and car seat harness if for any reason it will not unbuckle if in an accident, and it has pocket knife – the pocket knife is absolutely not needed, but it makes me feel safe. So I linked two, one with a pocket knife attached and one without – whichever you are comfortable with, but I definitely think that you should grab one of these tools in your car!

Don’t hold your phone will driving

I know, this may seem so OBVIOUS. I get it… but I’ve done it before, where I am holding my phone or slightly looking down to follow google maps (If I am unable to find the directions on my car navigation) or when I want to switch music play lists from my phone. Accidents happen in a split second, let’s try to avoid that! I think this phone holding magnet is GENIUS! It literally snaps to any place in your car, and has a magnet that attaches to your phone. It also swivels so you can view your phone vertically or horizontally, which makes following direction a bit easier and soo much safer than continuously looking down at your phone.


I allow my kids to have “ipad” electronics time, and that’s usually an hour of the day – depending on the day, lol. However, when we are stuck in traffic and everyone is screaming to get out of the car the ipad is my best friend!! seriously. bad mom? eh, maybe or maybe not – but either way, it shuts them both up and allows me to drive us safely to our destination. This ipad holder also has an organizer attached, this is where I let Ryland and Rori pick out the things they love and fill in the in pockets so they have additional entertainment. Ryland usually has legos and crayons and Rori usually has anything related to peppa pig. Don’t forget to grab an extended charger to reach the ipad! I have this, and I love it!

Center Console

In between Ryland and Rori I have a center console organizer. This is where I have snacks, water bottles, and I always have baby wipes to clean those snacking little fingers! if everything is easily accessible to them within arms reach, then I do not have to worry about reaching one hand back while driving to grab a toy for them or hand them wipes because I can see the mess from my rear view mirror (lol).

Random, but seriously the best thing invented

I hate when I drop something on the side gaps of my seat and can not reach it! I can not count how many lipstick caps I’ve lost in the gap of my seats! This seat gap filler is the best thing ever! No more loose coins being dropped into the crack and no more lost lipstick caps = a lot of savings, lol!

I hope that you found this post helpful and drive safe with your little ones!

This post is sponsored by Britax

Xx, Jen

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