Lunar New Year and What to Wear

What is Lunar New Year?

Do you celebrate Lunar New Year? Lunar New Year is a festival that is celebrated primarily by Asian cultures; Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean. Lunar New Year represents the first new moon of the Lunar Calendar. Each year there is a zodiac animal that represents the beginning of a new day. The zodiac animal that represents 2020 is the Rat which should mean good health, luck, and reproduction – lots of marriages and baby-making ;).

What can you bring to celebrate?

If you are attending a festival or seeing family you will probably need these Chinese Red Envelopes – usually, money is gifted (dollar amount is not significant). The red envelopes signify good luck, good power, and overall good vibes.

What should you wear?

If you are celebrating then you are probably planning on wearing RED because of the color red symbols good luck. I wanted to share some outfit ideas that would be great for the festival and you could get a 2 for 1 kind of deal by mixing these pieces up to wear for Valentine’s day!

red midi dress for lunar new year

Midi Dress // Gold Hoop Earrings // Black and Gold Wallet Chain // Black and Gold Heels

red jumpsuit for lunar new year

Red Jumpsuit //Black and Gold Chain Purse // Linear Gold Earring // Black Strappy Heels

Red dress for lunar new year

A-line Dress // Black Monogram Clutch // Dainty Gold Necklace // Black Heels

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