Love Your Patio

I absolutely love this time of year! The sun is coming out, flowers are starting to bloom, and I am ready to spend time outside! Over time I have found some patio furniture that really adds to my enjoyment of spending time outside.

Comfortable seating and a small table are a couple of essential patio pieces I make sure to have. These are perfect for eating dinner outside or after-dinner drinks during the Summer. Having plenty of seating is also a must if you enjoy hosting parties or have family over often! I really love my wicker egg chair for relaxing while the kids play in the yard. If you are looking for somewhere to relax while reading your favorite book you should look into a cozy hammock or hanging bed. A small side table is another great option if you don’t have room for a full table and chair set. Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn both have some wonderful options when it comes to patio furniture and decor.

There are also lots of options if you are looking to add some decorations to spice up your patio space! You could fill your space with planters or hang fairy lights around for a romantic vibe. I also like to pull out some outdoor games that entertain the whole family! The options are endless when it comes to making your patio a comfortable place for you to enjoy.

Spending time outside in the fresh air is so good for the mind. So why not make it a space that you will really love! What furniture or decor is a must for your patio?


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