Laundry Room Renovation Using QuicTile by Daltile


I am so excited to share my laundry room renovation with you using QuicTile by Daltile! I wanted our laundry room to feel elevated and have a sensory rich visual to it, so I went with the Panda Marble Polished Porcelain Locking Floor Tile. There is something about a marble flooring that just is so swoon worthy to me.

My laundyry room is 38 sq ft, and I neede 5 boxees of QuicTile by Daltile to cover the area. The flooring was easy to install and took less than 24 hours to finish. I did have my brother in law help me install the floors, but it absolutely could have been a one person job.

Here are the steps we took to install the QuicTile by Daltile

  1. Prepped the area by removing existing base boards
  2. Laid down the under-layment
  3. Decided on how out I wanted to positon the tile. Because the laundry area isnt an even square/rectangle, we made sure to not have the tiles evenly laid out above another.
  4. Used flooring spacers against the wall to make make room for expansion gaps.
  5. We marked for cuts on the tile, and then made the cut using this tile with stand.
  6. The locking in the tile floors was easy because there is a “tongue and groove” connection that allows for an easy locking mechanism. We used the flooring tapping block with a non-marring mallet and tapped until the tiles clicked.
  7. Once we had all of my tiles locked an in place, we began the grouting process.
  8. This step is not required, but we found it easier to use a grout release prior to grouitng to prevent a haze
  9. To prepare the grout, I mixed the grout in the bucket that it came in using a margin. I went with the color stone for grout.
  10. Once the grout is all mixed and looks good to apply to the QuicTile by Daltile, I fully scooped grout and slabbed in on to the tile and we used the grout float to evenly spread the grout.
  11. We used this sponge with water to clean up any extra grout.






We used Behr Paint color: White Dove from The Home Depot

behr white dove


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*This blog post is sponsored by The Home Depot, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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