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Today is day 3 of quarantine due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and let me tell ya, I am going crazy! First, I want to acknowledge some things that I am thankful for so that y’all don’t try to come at me.

  • My family’s health
  • A roof over our heads
  • Food to eat
  • A safe and warm place to sleep
  • Working from home
  • Modern medicine
  • Delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and health care professionals that are at the front line of all of this

Second, I know that we are VERY fortunate and it is such a privilege to be able to work from home and receiving a paycheck still and being home with the kids. BUT DAMNNNN they are driving me crazy HAHA! I had all of these activities planned for them, but after day 1 of being home and absolutely not able to leave, I threw that plan out the door and doing whatever I can to keep the tiny humans alive.

I am such a busy body and staying home is actually extremely difficult for me, sounds so minuscule to some people, but for me staying home all day has brought on a tinge of stress and lots of anxiety. I have been taking a lot of deep breaths to really get myself through each hour. Being busy and active is what keeps my mind, body, and soul healthy. Staying home and not being allowed out and socializing is like a shock and unknown to my body. Dramatic. I know.

If you are feeling afraid of the unknown, please know that you are NOT alone.

If you are feeling anxious and stressed out about finances, you are NOT alone.

If the thought of you having to entertain your kids for 336 hours (14 days) makes you want to drink wine, you are NOT alone. I have already started. Cheers!

Activities For the Kids

  • Workbooks – I try to let the kids work on these for at least 30 minutes in the morning and then 30 minutes in the evening.
  • Board Games – Believe it or not, we only play board games maybe 3 times a year? and with this whole Coronavirus situation going on, we have been playing boardgames 3+ times a day!
    • Candyland
    • Jenga
    • Operation
    • Connect Four (not going to lie, this game causes some HEAT between the kids. hahahah but they won’t stop playing it)
    • Puzzles – I ordered this Paris puzzle because our summer Europe trip was canceled and I wanted the kids to still “see” the Eiffel Tower from home (saving this puzzle for Friday night). If any of your trips are canceled, grab a puzzle of the place you were supposed to go to!
  • Free Activities
    • Go outside in your front or back yard to get some fresh air
    • Bubble baths – if I let my kids, they would stay in the bath ALL day
    • Learn at home with Scholastics during COVID-19 is FREE
    • Movie dates and watch a new movie or rewatch your family’s favorite – don’t forget the snacks!
    • Origami – my favorite when I was in elementary. Here are some free instructions and plenty of diagrams to choose from

And if all fails….. IPAD – haha!

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What are some at-home activities that you are doing with your kids?

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  1. March 17, 2020 / 10:20 pm

    I went crazy at Target last week and this morning ..lol Puzzles, coloring books that smell cute, and some gardening stuff because the kiddos will be in the garden with their grandmother every afternoon.

    I gotta get some board games – I have Monopoly but explaining them the game will age me forever ! lol