Graphic Tee’s For Summer

Every year graphic tee’s become a Summer must-have basic, and I am here for it! There are so many ways to style them, they are super comfortable, and the graphic options are endless. Here are a couple of my go-to ways for styling a graphic tee.

Let’s start with an easy everyday look. For a base, grab your favorite cut-off shorts or relaxed ripped jeans, sneakers, and a backpack or crossbody purse. And of course, choose a graphic tee to complete the look. There are so many options when it comes to graphics. Band tees are always a favorite, but you could also choose a movie graphic or just something with a cute design. These are all great ways to really show off your personality!

I also enjoy dressing up my graphic tees with either a skirt or a dress. If I choose a skirt, I tend to wear sneakers and a jean or a leather jacket. I love wearing a graphic shirt over a dress as well, knotting it up so it’s cropped. This is a fun style because the dress or skirt can be patterned, adding extra dimension to the outfit! Throw on a kitten heel and sum elegant jewelry and you’re ready for date night!

I really love this style for Summer because it’s comfortable and easy. It’s a great way to feel put together and ready to take on anything! Drop in the comments what your favorite way to style a graphic tee is! And be sure to check out my recent blog on gifts for Mothers Day!


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