Gibson X International Women’s Day Collection – Pieces of Emerald

Gibson International Women's Day

Gibson X International Women’s Day Collection – Pieces of Emerald

What this collaboration for International Women’s Day 2021 means to me:

My parents migrated from Laos to give their children a better life here in the States. Shortly after creating and building a life, my dad passed. I grew up with 5 sisters and a single mom, and we barely made ends meet. My mom worked endlessly at a doughnut shop 7 days a week in order to put food on the table for our family. Seeing my mom work so hard to make sure that we had everything that we NEEDED, was/is so admirable. To my sisters stepping up and becoming the “mom” of the house and taking care of one another; I knew that I wanted to have the same selflessness, strength, and love as these women. Over the years, my family has grown exponentially in size and diverseness. My mom met my step dad, and together they have 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. In this big family, we share the same bloodline, but our skin colors and physical features are all different. Being different is truly what makes us one of a kind, and leaves no room for limitations or restrictions. I am so proud of my big family and all that we have overcome.⁣

⁣As a mom of two, especially a mom to a little girl who looks up to me for everything (literally and figuratively), I am SO excited to share that I’ve partnered with Gibson for International Women’s Day. You have no idea what this curated blouse tank means to me. This blouse is a blend of challenge, achievement, inclusivity, and HARD WORK. And I finally get to share with the WORLD that being a women of Asian descent is powerful.


                               Gibson x Pieces of Emerald International Women's Day 2021   International Women's Day x Pieces of Emerald
@piecesofemerald ruffle trim v-neck top (my top, yay!) comes in two beautiful colors. I sized down one size, and wearing and XS. The marsala color is the perfect shade to ring in all of the spring vibes and the cream color is is absolute perfection year round. What I love about this top is that it can be dressed up with pumps and trousers or it can be dressed down with sneakers and denim shorts. Use my code JEN20 to get 20% off at Gibson.


                        motherchic-gibson international women's day    motherchic x gibson IWD 2021
@themotherchic ruched body is great for happy hour or a day running errands with the family. Lindsey and I are both wearing XXS. This body con dress comes in 3 colors: black, gray, and ivory stripe.


@themominstyle this cardigan and linen joggers combination has been on repeat for me! I love the comfort and casualness of it. The cardigan comes in black and heather gray; I am wearing a size XS. The linen joggers is an essential for summer days, and it comes in black, sage, and natural (perfect as a beach cover up); I am wearing a size XS.


@stephtaylorjackson this spring and summer dress is perfect, and a must have for easter brunch. This beautiful ruffled dress comes in summer brick and rosa. Steph is wearing a size small and I am wearing a size XXS.


@hauteofftherack dress is a must have! Closet staple for sure, the material is so soft and fits beautifully. I love the slit and the high mock neck. This dress comes in taupe and black, and I am wearing a size XXS.


@thefancyashley slouchy top is that perfect winter to spring transition top, it’s warm but lightweight. This top comes in several different colors, Ashley and I are both wearing size XS. The oatmeal color is a favorite and can easily be styled as a monochromatic look.


@justpostedblog the off the shoulder sweater is that perfect blend of effortlessly sexy. This sweater come in heather gray and blue gray, Candace is wearing a size small and I am wearing a size XS. The joggers are @thefancyashley but this combination was a set I couldn’t pass up.


Use my code JEN20 to get 20% off at Gibson.

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