Fighting The Monday Blues

Monday has rolled around again and I am here to share a few ways you can fight off the Monday blues. Life can get repetitive at times which can cause me to get into a bit of a low mood. There are a few ways I fight this mindset, and hopefully, they will help you too!

Waking up feeling down can really affect my productivity and energy for the rest of the day. I try to fight this by putting on my favorite song and writing down how I am feeling, what I would like to accomplish in the day, and something I like about myself. Showering and doing my hair and makeup can also help my mindset.

Coffee is a comfort drink for me and keeps my energy up and I have found music can really switch my mood. I also try to add something new to my list of Monday tasks. That could be treating myself to a Starbucks treat or finding something new and fun to make for dinner. Being outside in the fresh air can really help as well! I will find somewhere new to walk around. Even if it’s just going in a different direction through my neighborhood!

A couple of other things that help me fight the blues are having fresh flowers around my house and going to bed early. I also don’t stress if I am not able to complete everything on my to-do list. Understanding that I am having a bit of a low day helps me to be more patient with myself. I know that tomorrow is a fresh day. If I can make the most and treat myself through my Monday blues, then tomorrow will be better.

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