Easter Outfits

Easter is only a few weeks away, which means it’s time to find outfits for the fam! I like to find something fun that they can wear for the rest of Spring and into Summer. I look colors for the kids that will match what I plan on wearing, just for fun.


We love dress season around here! So I will usually look for a couple of Spring dresses that could work for Easter, but that Rory can also wear later. I tend to look for something flowy and comfortable so she can still run around and play. A couple of fun accessories are also a must. Floral or plaid rompers and flowy pants are also a great option! These are especially great if your daughter is not a fan of dresses.


There are so many fun prints when it comes to tops for boys. For easter, I look for a button-up shirt for Ryland and some comfortable slacks or jeans. Blue and white always look great on Ry and are perfect for moving into Spring. I also make sure to find fabrics that are soft and breathable.


As for myself, I like to wear something easy to move in and that is fitting for Spring. I will either go with a pair of light wash or white denim and a blouse or a midi or maxi dress. Finding something that I feel cute in but that I can easily be a mom in too. White and pink are easy colors if I am wanting to match with the kids. The pink will go with blue nicely and white goes with everything.

I always like to get the kids something new for the changing of seasons. Not just because they have grown, but because it always feels good to have something fresh in the closet to wear. And what a better time than Easter for a new fun fit?!

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