Distance Learning with Walmart

distance learning outfitdistance learning We are doing distance learning this year, and there are moments where I feel very stressed about the entire situation. I had the tough talks with children and told them that their education during distance learning important to me as a parent, but their mental health is even more important. When the kids gotvirtuallyy back to school, it is crucial for us to have a routine. I am going to pack their lunches daily in our Bentgo lunch box and the kids will change out of their pajamas and get ready to learn. The clothes they wear this school year may look a little different than all the years prior, and a whole lot more comfortable too! Walmart has some comfortable and cute clothing options that Ryland and Rori actually want to wear. No fussing in the morning about what clothes to wear, is a win in my book! I loved that when I went handed my kids my laptop to pick out their clothes from Walmart, they were SO excited about all of the clothing options and I was happy because they were affordable

6 Way to Survive for Distance Learning

  1. Walk away when you feel your frustration and anxiety. Just walk away.
  2. Although this may feel never-ending, the kids will go back to school one day.
  3. Remind yourself that your kids are SAFE at home.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If your child wants to wear that Rainbow tutu with bright pink socks, just let them.
  5. It is OKAY if you don’t submit every assignment on time, technology is not always reliable

Here are Ryland and Rori’s outfit pics:

Here is a list of school supplies that I picked up to make distance learning go smoothly:

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