Want To Know What’s In My Diaper Bag?

Hi Mamas! I am going to empty out my diaper bag to show you my must have items while on the go with little ones. I am currently loving the Black Shaylee diaper bag from LilyJade – It is a multiway diaper bag, I primarily wear it as a backpack. I love that the diaper bag also comes with inserts, this is helpful with staying organized. Ryland and Rori are no longer in diapers, but I still use a diaper bag to hold all of our outgoing essentials. Want to know what’s in my diaper bag? keep reading!

Snacks in my diaper bag

I NEVER leave the house with out snacks. Snacks are a lifesaver and can keep little ones mouth busy so they don’t have time to cry (LOL, best mom award goes to THIS mama!)

Cliff bars – The chocolate chip bars are Ryland and Rori’s favorite. These bars are filling and tastes delicious!

Goldfish – I buy the big box of goldfish (costco size, lol) and fill up snack ziplock bags ahead of time so that I can just grab 2 bags and dash out the door.

Hydration – I NEVER leave the house without our Hydroflasks. I feel that if I always have water with us then Ryland and Rori will consume more water throughout the day because their bottles are always filled and it is easily accessible for them.

Quick clean ups

Wipes – It is always a good idea to carry baby wipes. Sticky fingers and candy smeared on their faces can be a nightmare without wipes. Kids touch everything, so I always have wipes in my diaper bag.

Hand sanitizer – great for pre and post meals while out and about. Kids are so busy and sometimes getting to the bathroom for a quick rinse may seem like forever and dreadful – especially with 2! Hand sanitizers are a must!

Bandaids – my kids are completely accident prone and if they see a drip of blood and no bandaid their entire day is ruined! I take bandaids EVERYWHERE! (no kidding when I say everywhere, I have a first-aid kit in the trunk of my car).

Changing Mat – I don’t really use this as my kids are no longer in diapers, but this comes with the diaper bag so I just leave it in there. its lightweight so I don’t even notice any extra weight! It has come in handy a couple of times when we are at Ryland’s soccer practice and Rori needs somewhere to sit! (Lol, multi-use)

Activities in my diaper bag

Coloring books, stickers, stencils and some brain activities are some essential items in my bag – All of these items are affordable and can be found at the $1 section at Target. Eating out at restaurants can be daunting because kids just don’t have the patience that adults (some, lol) have mastered. Having activities prepared can really change the dining experience by preventing melt downs and tantrums in public.

Phone – If all activities fail, then your phone can come in handy. I know that this is a hot button for some people and that is absolutely fine. I was also that parent that didn’t want to give my kids a phone during dinner time, but I got over that real quick! Find educational apps that you feel comfortable with your child using.

Here are few FREE apps that I have on my phone:

Reader – Teaches children how to read and recognize letters

Endless 123 – Teaches children how to count

Smart Shapes – Teaches children to recognize shapes

Toonia Colorbook – Allows children to get creative and artistic

Youtube – Obviously. Youtube can be good and bad, there are some weird and creepy things that are targeted and geared towards children – when Ryland and Rori watch youtube then I highly monitor what they’re watching.

Ryland’s game choices are a little different, but he loves it and it keeps him busy. Maybe he will be a Surgeon or some type of Doctor in the future because the apps he downloads are all about the medicine! Baby Care (he delivers the baby, weighs the newborn baby, and then he has to also take care of the baby), Little Hand Doctor, and Dentist office.

Below is an image that Ryland drew of the human brain with his memory of only seeing my textbook ONCE. Let me just soak in this bragging proud mama moment, ok? haha!

Mom’s musthaves in my diaper bag

Hey, I’m the one carrying the diaper bag so that means I need some survival items for myself, k lol. Lipstick, phone and wallet!

Random things in my diaper bag

Target receipt

UC Davis parking permit receipt

Paper clips

Car Keys

Loose coins

LITTLE DISCLAIMER for you: I am NOT an organized person. However, when traveling with my kiddos or going out for the day with them then I am always prepared and organized. Most of the times I am taking both Ryland and Rori out all by myself (I’m out numbered! two against one!). I don’t have time or the patience for public melt downs, so being prepared for these situations are SO helpful and worth it!


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