Decorating Kids Bedroom On A Budget

I love being able to decorate my kid’s bedrooms, but it can be expensive sometimes. Finding deals and unique ways to spruce up their rooms on a budget is ideal. Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen is currently having their Winter Sale with deals up to 70% off! They have many duvet covers, lights, storage options, and so much more! I like to choose a theme or color combo that fits my kid’s personalities and then decorate based on that.

Changing the feel of a bedroom can be super easy simply by changing some of the decor. Bringing in a fun duvet and adding a string of lights or framed images on the wall can really brighten up the room! Adding a textured or patterned rug is also a great option! Decorating is always fun, but I also like to make sure my kids have plenty of storage space in their bedrooms! They will always have a space to put away their books, toys, and clothes so that the rest of their bedroom floor does not become cluttered.

Making sure my kid’s bedrooms are a comfortable space where they feel like themselves is something that I make an effort to achieve. Decorating for their personalities and adding storage and even a desk are a couple of ways I do this! Drop in the comments some tips on decorating your kid’s bedrooms!

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