Breakfast Crepes

I am a sucker for a good breakfast! One of my favorite things to make is crepes! They are perfect for when you have company staying with you or you just want something different but still easy. I love the variety of flavors and that they aren’t too heavy of a meal for the morning!

I find using a crepe pan or a nonstick griddle pan to be the best for cooking on. Crepes are supposed to be thin and they cook quickly. Having a flat pan helps with this fast cooking process!

Some of my favorite sweet crepes include Nutella and fruit, peanut butter and chocolate chips, strawberry and whipped cream, strawberry cream cheese and banana, and the list goes on! You really can’t go wrong with the sweet options!

The savory options are just as endless, and just as delicious! One of my favorite savory crepes is the brie, bacon, and jelly crepe. You can also do a lox with cream cheese, or an egg with a little pesto, or go with mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, and fetta or parmesan cheese.


Whether you are just looking for something new for breakfast, or if you’re looking for something special to make for your significant other, crepes are the way to go!

Drop a comment if you end up making one of these delicious crepes! And don’t forget to check out the sales blog post!


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