Bath Time Fun with JOHNSON’S

This article is part of a collaboration with JOHNSON’S but all opinions are my own.

If I had to choose a moment in a day to hold on to it would be dinner and bath time! After a long a day of work and school, dinner is the time that we get to bond over a warm meal and share how our day went and share our feelings.

Bath time is where all the fun happens and Ryland and Rori’s imaginations get to come to life. We fill up the bath with bubbles and Rori pretends she is a mermaid, while Ryland pretends that he is a scuba diver swimming with sharks. We love to use Johnson’s No More Tangles ® 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner—more like 3-in-1 for us because we also use it to make our bubbles!

I love how the 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner lathers up so well and rinses off so easily, while keeping our bath tear free! It detangles Rori’s hair quite easily, which is my favorite part because Rori is very sensitive when it comes to tangles and combing knots out of her hair.

Is there anything better than a fresh smelling baby? Ryland and Rori smell so fresh and so clean from head to toe and I can’t stop sniffing and smelling their little heads. Did I mention that it also contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes? I am all about having fewer ingredients in a product that actually works!

The brand has recently reformulated their lotions, washes and haircare products, removing more than 50% of ingredients. Absolutely amazing!

To learn more visit or head over to Target to shop JOHNSON’S® latest products.

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