Back to School with Walmart

back to school outfitsGoing back to school in 2020 during a pandemic is going to look and feel a whole lot different for families. This is the reality of our world right now, and I am going to make the best out of it. Parents are now teachers and working mom. The pandemic and thought of distance learning has caused some stress and anxiety, but I’ve come up with some strategies that I hope will help!

3 Distance Learning Habits I Plan to Implement

  1. Dressing up every sing day, I found some cute options for the kiddos at Walmart. Walmart Fashion for kids is great because there are so many fun characters and also basics. Ryland and Rori are obsessed with Pokemon and Frozen, so they love these backpacks.
  2. Routine: Although we aren’t actually leaving the house to head out for school, I still want the kids to feel like they have a schedule. I plan to make school time from 8 am-12 pm and lunch then nap (yes, both of my children are nappers). I will be packing their lunch every single day as if we were at school for two reasons: saves me stress not having to cook lunch in the middle of the day while working and it makes the kiddos feel independent that they can head to the fridge and grab their own lunch bags.
  3. Have their school activities prepped each week so that they can do the majority of the work independently. I stocked up a lot of school art supplies from Walmart to keep them busy!

I really feel like #1 is so important because when I know that for me when I dress up to log on to work, my mood and mindset will immediately shift. Ryland and Rori were so excited to pick out brand new affordable clothes from Walmart, and I know that will make them even more excited to get dressed daily!

*this post is sponsored by Walmart*

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