Amazon Home Organization

We have made it halfway through the week, and I wanted to share a few items from Amazon that help me stay organized. Keeping the house together helps me stay productive and on track.

Home organization

Kitchen organization is one of my favorite ways to keep my home together. A couple of my favorite items are pan lid holders, paper towel holders, and clear airtight containers. If you do not have as much storage space in your home using items like this really makes a difference.

I also like to have easy organization tools for the kids to use in their bedrooms. Shoe racks and hanging storage are a must. Giving my kids ways to keep their clothes organized makes every day a bit smoother. I have found that having hooks in my closet helps keep my purses and accessories more organized.

The bathroom and laundry room are two other rooms that tend to become easily cluttered. Having multiple hampers allows me to keep the laundry sorted and makes laundry day go faster! When it comes to the bathroom, I hate having shampoo and soap bottles scattered in the shower. This is where shower storage comes in handy. I also really love the shower hook for my razor! These organization items are great for my kid’s bathroom too.

I have found that keeping my house tidy, helps with my mental health and keeping a positive mindset. It’s not always easy or possible to have the house together all the time. But these items from Amazon definitly help. If you are looking for more ways to spruce up your home, check out my blog on decorating your kid’s rooms on a budget!


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