Activewear You’ll Love

Recently I have started dedicating time each week towards my fitness journey. Staying active helps with more than just my physical health, I have found that my mental health is so much better when I am consistently staying active. However, sometimes my motivation to work out is just not there. But, I have realized that if I put on my favorite activewear I am able to find that motivation. Here are a few activewear items that you will love and will get you ready to start or continue your fitness journey!


I absolutely love Lulu Lemons’s Align leggings! They are so soft and comfortable, the waistband comes up just high enough and they fit like a glove. Lulu Lemon also has a great pair of seamless leggings that are perfect for a yoga session. If you are looking for a solid pair of leggings for a better price, you should definitely check out Gym Shark. Their Studio leggings are perfect for weekly workouts, and they are only $60!

Sports Bras

Finding a sports bra that has the right amount of support for you and is comfortable can be difficult. I have found a couple of activewear crop tops with inside padding that work for me! I have also found some classic sports bras that have great support and come in some fun colors from both Gym Shark and Lulu Lemon. Deciding on what you want also depends on the type of workouts you are doing. If you are doing a lot of cardio or hitt workouts I would suggest a more classic bra with high support. If you are focusing more on strength training or enjoying some yoga, you could definitely go with a seamless bra with lower support.

Accessories & Shoes

Lastly, you don’t want to forget your accessories! The right socks are a must for keeping blisters away, a baseball cap to keep the flyaways out of your eyes, and a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Lulu Lemon also recently released their first pair of running shoes! I also make sure to have my yoga mat handy for any pilates movements I decide to do. And of course, a foam roller for my cool down to roll out any tightness in my muscles.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to activewear. It all comes down to what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to move! Staying active is so important. It will keep your energy levels up, your body will feel good, and your mental health will greatly improve! Whether it’s a legging set or sweats and a tee, you deserve a new activewear fit to get you motivated on your fitness journey! Drop in the comments your favorite activewear fit!

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