5 Places to Date Your Children

<img src="piecesofemerald.com" alt="coffee cronut croissant breakfast mom and daughter date">

<img src="piecesofemerald.com" alt="coffee cronut croissant breakfast">

<img src="piecesofemerald.com" alt="mom wearing navy dress with son in a beanie"> <img src="piecesofemerald.com" alt="mom wearing navy dress with son in a beanie and laughing">

What is stopping you from dating your children? We all know that life can be hectic! I know from first hand that life is not always easy and steady. I am a working mom, with two small children that have needs of their own. Between ballet and baseball along with their academics, by the end of the day, I am exhausted! When the weekends come I typically just want to hang around the house and do nothing, but I always remind myself to date, my children, individually at least once a month or as often as I can. Ryland and Rori spend so much time with each other at home and I crave for the one on one time with each of them.

Here are 5 places to date your children:

1.) Coffee shop – This is our all-time favorite! Grab a latte in a “for here” mug so you can enjoy the latte art, and grab a dessert to share.

2.) Drive-In Movie Theater -We love going to the movie theater as a family, but not as a one on one date because I want to enjoy chatting with my date. So instead, go to the drive-in theaters! Bring all your snacks, cuddly blankets, turn up the radio and chat without having to disturb others.

3.) Picnic – Ryland and I have been bike riding to the park for a mini picnic and he absolutely loves this one on one time with me. We go for less than an hour, but I know that hour with me alone is so special to him.

4.) Shopping for special events – this is Rori’s favorite! She is all about shopping. She loves helping me (and herself, lol) pick out clothes that are not our “everyday” wear. Shopping just makes us feel closer and gives us this special bond and makes me feel like I have a forever girlfriend.

5.) Build something together – for Ryland this means spending the morning with hot cocoa building legos while Rori is still asleep.

With every family member having such busy schedules, I make time to connect with both of my children, individually. So, I date my children. And, I date them often.

<img src="piecesofemerald.com" alt="coffee cronut croissant breakfast mom and daughter">

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  1. January 8, 2019 / 6:26 am

    Beautiful!! Love the ideas and the pictures.

    • Pieces of Emerald
      January 10, 2019 / 5:39 am

      Thank you ashna 🙂