5 Personal Goals and 5 Green Dresses for the New Year

green New years eve dr3ss

Wow! I feel like I say this every year butttttt… I can’t believe it’s almost a New Year! With the New Year just around the corner and my graduation in March sneaking up on me, I can’t help but to reflect on myself as a person and my personal goals. I am not perfect, I am a work in progress.

5 Personal Goals

1.) I want to exercise a bit more (TYPICAL NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION), but I am not signing up for a gym membership. I don’t want to lose any weight, but I want to just get my body moving, be strong and healthy for my children. You won’t see me at the gym, but you might just find me strolling with my double stroller on the streets.

2.) STOP trying to make friends with other blogging women who are simply just “coworkers”. I am always that girl that will go out of her way to meet up for coffee, to share my knowledge, to give, and then when I life gets busy it becomes drama because i’m not giving as much as before or not as available. AND THAT’S MY PERSONAL PROBLEM. I need to work on this. I have to remind myself that blogging women are just like coworkers – we all comment on eachothers posts, do giveaways together – if you compared this to the corporate world; we all have to deal with coworkers and supervisors who we aren’t too fond of but we still have to collaborate to meet our goals. Blogging friendships aren’t fake, but they’re like coworkers who we just deal with. Find my tribe, keep them close. The rest are coworkers.

3.) BE PRESENT more often. When I am with the kids, I want to be just with the kids. When i’m working, I want to just work. Multi-tasking is a pain in the butt and it is so stressful! And to be honest, miulti-taslking increases my anxiety and every part of my life just gets a piece of an OKAY job. If i could be present then I would be able to submerge myself in whatever is in front of me and really give it 100% and not just a piece fo me.

4.) FIND LOVE. With this, I mean find self love. I am not for certain what this entails, but I do know that I need more of it.

5.) Lastly, I want to TRAVEL. Travel to places I have only dreamed about. I want to travel with my children and also without. I want to grow Ryland and Rori’s heart and help them seek adventrure and laughter. But I also want to travel alone to find self love and give myself the permission to be carefree.

What are some of your New Year goals?. Let me know in the comments!

5 Green Dresses for the New Year

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  1. December 4, 2019 / 7:18 am

    I love #3 !!!! And #2 is heavy — but I understand it completely.

    P.S you look amazing in green!

    • Pieces of Emerald
      December 4, 2019 / 6:55 pm

      Thanks mama for taking the time to read 🙂 Personal goals, some are big some are small.. some are surface fixings and some are inner fixings.. we all have our battles. LOVE YOU FOR THE CONTINOUS SUPPORT!!!!