5 Free Apps for Making Collages

Give me all the FREE apps! am I right?! Let’s talk all about free iPhone apps that I use on a daily basis.

If you’re following me on Instagram and watch my insta-stories then you probably noticed my recent love for collage making has been REAL – haha! These collages are fun because sometimes it’s so difficult to share just one photo of our kiddos when we find 5+ good ones from one sitting! I mean… everything Ryland and Rori do at this age is just so stinkin’ cute to me! I will also be sharing my favorite FREE photo editing app that I use on all of my photos.

5 free apps you need to try for collage making

1.) Unfold – the main free app that I use to share any sales, it’s basic and easy to use. There are lots of free templates to choose from! you can also pay for templates if you wish, but not necessary! Unfold allows you to change your font height, font type, and also font color. Although, there is a limited selection in font and background color it is still a great free app for creating collages. Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya just released a special template on Unfold and it is so fun!

2.) Storyart – a free app that allows me to get more creative with my collages. Perfect for anyone who enjoys creating, using colors and design. I love that Storyart has an option to add a filter to any photo you upload – because filters are LIFE. Stroryart app has animated, story highlight, watercolor, minimalist, and holiday templates. There’s so many more templates to choose from or you can simply create one that fits your needs. Keep in mind that color selection is limited. Storyart cannot hold many images in the collages, it holds about 2-3 images.

3.) Storyluxe – If you want free templates to create a polaroid film look then Storyluxe is your goto free app! Enough said.

4.) Storiesedit – free app with fewer templates, not as overwhelming! but don’t underestimate its features because of its lack of quantity in templates. Storiesedit is my favorite collages app because it allows a full range of color selection in text, background, allows shapes for abstract as well. Do you want a green font? well, you have a variety of shades of green – this feature alone makes this app worth downloading!

5.) Tezza – this app allows you to choose a template with preset backgrounds and color combinations. There aren’t many free collages, there is only one free collage template at this time which makes this app my least favorite for collage making. However, the color palette is perfection. On this app, there is also a feature that allows you to edit photos with built-in presets “filters” that are only on this app. Aside from the whole collages and photo editing, this app is also neat because there is a short guide on how to pose for photos.


piecesofemerald_unfold app template using tommy x Zendaya template mommy and me fur vest with blush fawn design backpack piecesofemerald_unfold app template mommy and me fur vest with blush fawn design backpack


piecesofemerald_storyart template toddler girl wearing a sun camel color sun hat eating ice-cream. flat lay of canon 60D piecesofemerald_storyart template toddler girl wearing a sun camel color sun hat eating ice-cream. flat lay of canon 60D


piecesofemerald_storyluxe template polaroid fuji film two toddlers boy and girl sibling smiling piecesofemerald_storyluxe template. side by side image with levis denim and gibson nordstorm top with white adidas


piecesofemerald_storyedit template mac melba blush women with black hair applying blush. bar cart with rose wine strawberries and gold succulent from target piecesofemerald_storyedit template shimmer brick bobbi brown blush women with black hair applying blush


piecesofemerald_tezza app template mommy and toddler girl and toddler boy. mom long black hair, yellow sun dress on toddler girl piecesofemerald-tezza template mommy and toddlers all smiling. boy toddler and girl toddler with orange color pallet


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