3 Reasons to Love Two-Piece Sets


When I think of what’s in my closet, I don’t really have a specific style that comes to mind. I really do just enjoy all types of clothes, basically, anything that catches my eyes. ha! Lately, I noticed my trend of online searches for “co-ord” or “two-piece sets”. I always tend to gravitate towards sets during the spring and summer because they are trendy and also very easy to wear and style.

3 Reasons two-piece sets are so great:

1.) Two-piece sets are pre-put together outfit! This makes getting ready for the day so much easier! Getting two kids ready for the day, dressing myself is a task that I would love to just get rid of all together or simplify. Anything that saves me a little bit of time each day is a life saver!

2.) Two-piece sets can be worn together or separately. You can wear the top with a pair of denim or the bottom with a top that you already own – a MINIMUM of THREE outfits from this one set. I am all about getting as many wears from a piece in my closet.

3.) There are so many different styles when it comes to matchy matchy sets. It doesn’t all have to be crop top and shorts, there are very chic options as well! I love that there are so many fun prints and also neutral tones. Two-piece sets can be worn by anyBODY – and this is what absolute LOVE!




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