3 Car Ride Games that are Fun and Educational

Do you play car ride games with your kids? It started off as a way to stop the two from bickering behind me, but now we really enjoy the car ride games and always look forward to it when we are stuck in traffic or just cruising on the road. Spring is almost here! In exactly TWO days! Which means we will probably spend a good amount of time in the car so that we can join friends for play dates, hang with family for swimming sessions (and poolside with a margarita for mama, haha!).

3 car ride games that we love:

1.) I spy with my little eye (a green car, a blue sky, a yellow door) this helps stimulate children’s brain because they are actively searching for the “I spy” object and it also helps them learn a variety of colors. This car ride game is probably Rori’s favorite and it’s the cutest when she puts on her pretend binoculars on with her little fingers! I love that she learns all of her colors from this game and makes her think quickly as she scans the roads from the car.

2.) Spelling contest while driving I will say a word “MUG” and I will sound each letter out, but Ryland and a Rori have to say the actual letters. Ryland and Rori take turns and they are so happy when they get a correct letter and “spell” an entire word. This game keeps them busy while also working on their alphabets. If your child has sight words or letters of the week, then this is a great time to use those words. Your kids won’t even realize that they’re learning, they’ll think it’s all fun!

3.) All things that Rhyme! Who doesn’t love a good ol rhyme?! We play for points and it’s VERY serious (haha!) and it’s pretty funny to hear some of the things the Ryland and Rori come up with! And there were a few times I had to google (when we got our destination, and car parked) if some words were real or not. I guess this whole car ride games is a learning session for everyone, not the just kids. Haha! 


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