10 Ways to Give Your Mind a Break

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Hey mama!

It is okay to take time off today and give your mind a break. Give yourself permission to STOP. Stop taking care of everyone else for one hour and focus on yourself. YOU GOT THIS MAMA! As a parent, we are responsible for tiny humans and we want them be the best and have the best. We often forget that those tiny humans all need strong and healthy mamas and we often neglect our needs. We sometimes fall into bad habits of feeling that we should do it all. I am here to tell you that this is not true, you need a village to raise those tiny humans and that is OKAY!

10 ways to give your mind a break

1.) Reboot take that hour nap WITHOUT an alarm clock

2.) ACCEPT help tonight so that you can enjoy a warm dinner while the kids are being bathed by a loved one

3.) Go outside to get fresh air ALONE

4.) Read something funny and laugh uncontrollably OUT LOUD

5.) Stop picking on yourself, it is more difficult to spend energy hating parts of yourself than to LOVE who you are

6.) Accept that you can’t do EVERYTHING by yourself

7.) Turn off all electronics and lay there in SILENCE

8.) Automatically say NO to things that are not healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally) and overwhelming

9.) DECLUTTER your space – a clear space is a clear mind and can help with feeling less stress

10.) Allow yourself to EXPRESS any FEELINGS that you may have. If you are sad – CRY, if you are upset – go into a private room and SCREAM

Challenge yourself today or this week by doing a 3+ out of these 10 ways to give your mind a break. You won’t be a changed mama overnight, but with intentions to self-care, your family will feel it and so will you. Remember, It is okay to take time off to give your mind a break.

piecesofemerald_barcart and wine


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