10 Things from the Amazon Prime Day Sale

HELLOOO two day shipping and possible same day shipping :). I went through Amazon’s Prime Day sale and found things that I own and absolutely love that is apart of the sale!

10 Things from the Amazon Prime Day Sale

1.) Ring: This home camera is a must, in my opinion! It gives me peace of mind and security for when I am home or away. This home camera alerts me directly on my phone via an app if someone is within perimeters of my home, has a speaker so you can talk the person from your Ring without opening the door, and my favorite feature is the record and re-play feature.

2.) Instant Pot: This instant pot has saved me so many times when I am running late to cook dinner. It can cook ribs within 30 minutes and the meat is literally falling off the bone – whoa! I also love making a one-pot chili in my instant pot (ps, I’ll be sharing my recipe next week!)

3.) Hot Tools curling iron: This curling iron is super affordable, and the quality is amazing. I’ve owned my Hot Tools for over eight years, and it doesn’t show any signs of breaking down on me any time soon.

4.) Crest whitening strips: I’ve used Crest whitening strips for as long as I can remember. Crest whitening strips do the job and are a fraction of the price of professional teeth whitening services.

5.) Apple Ipad Pro: I love all Apple products, the built-in technology is so advanced and user-friendly. I use my Ipad daily for school, blog, and personal entertainment AKA Netflix and CHILL!

6.) Tablet for kids: Ryland and Rori use their tablet daily and its perfect for plane rides and keeps them occupied. I believe they got it on Christmas two years ago.

7.) Dyson Air fan: We love our Dyson fan! It is super quiet, lightweight, and also I love that I don’t have to worry about Ryland and Rori sticking their fingers around the fan because it has safety features.

8.) Samsonite luggage: I own several Samsonite luggage pieces, from backpacks, carry-ons, to check-in luggage. They are durable and of quality.

9.) Beauty sponge: This is a dupe of the beauty blender. I can’t tell the difference between the beauty blender and the dupes. The beauty blender prices at $20 for one and the dupe is about $7 for 8!

10.) iRobot Roomba: If you live with tiny humans or a dog, then you need this vacuum! I love that automatically vacuums our home and saves me time and stress of getting to those goldfish crumbs or doggy hair.

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