10 Easy Chores for Kids Under 6

Hey busy mamas! I know you have a lot of things on your to-do list, right? Check out my list of easy 10 chores for kids to do with a FREE Chore Chart.

I know sometimes we think that we must do everything all by ourselves, but it’s time for you to let your kids help out more! You might be thinking that sometimes it’s just faster if you do it. That maybe true, but it’s great to let kids help. It teaches them responsibility while making your to do list a bit shorter.

Before I tell you about the easy chores for kids, I want to tell you the secret to making them fun! Use my FREE Chore chart and get your kids to put their favorite stickers or a checkmark after each task they complete. If they complete all chores that day, you can pick a little reward. Even something as simple as picking what’s for dinner or staying up an extra 15 minutes at bedtime.

Here is the list of 10 easy chores

  1. Feed pets – Ryland and Rori LOVE feeding our dog, Cooper. It’s such an easy chore for them to do that makes my life WAY easier. Ryland is responsible for getting Cooper’s food and Rori is responsible for making sure Cooper has water.
  2. Sweep – make it a game – Try taping a square onto the floor and make it a game for your kids to sweep the dirt into the square!
  3. Sort laundry – Have your kids gather and sort laundry before you put it in the wash. Make separate piles by color, and hey – they’re also learning while (shhh).
  4. Set table – get them in the habit of helping set the table before dinner!
  5. Put away groceries – Have your kids put the groceries away as you bring them into the house. Hopefully, by the time you bring in the groceries, most of them are already put away.
  6. Load dishwasher – After you finish lunch, snack, or dinner, have them load the dishwasher, such a simple thing that kids can do that helps you out a lot!
  7. Dust – Ever feel like you can’t keep up with the dust around your house? Have your kids help you out!
  8. Help fold laundry – Teach your kids to fold the laundry! It may not be perfect folding at first, but that’s okay mama they will get the hang of it.
  9. Help cook or prep food – Have your kids help out with simple things like mixing, washing, or cracking eggs! Get the kids involved to make mealtime more fun and also less stress. Who said chores couldn’t be fun?
  10. Clean room – Get them in the habit of making the bed and putting toys/clothes away. If you want to change it up a bit, read them a story or have a dance party as they clean up. If they stop cleaning, stop the story/music.


Remember, kids love to help you with easy chores. It makes them feel great for helping, plus it means that they have more time to play with you if all the chores are done faster.

I hope I have helped you find some EASY chores for kids and making it FUN with my FREE chore chart.

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